Send your hybrid prose manuscripts to LongDayPress[at]gmail[dot]com with “SUBMISSION [Last Name]” as the subject line. Include a tiny cover letter if you want, but we’re more interested in your work. Send as a .doc or .docx please and include ‘online feature submission’ in the subject line.

We’re doing novellas, non-fiction, and whatever prose projects we love. Please send us something between 15-115 pages, but you know, do what you gotta do.

Journal submissions closed for a while.

We’re working on a new project for shorter works. Until then, check out our books and journals and connect with us on social medias like FacebookTwitterInstagramUntappedVenmoIn-Person for updates. Feel free to submit to our friends’ journal Funny Looking Dog Quarterly.

Other matters of business:

We’re always open to interesting projects to keep our minds occupied away from the impending doom of the planet.

Have an online zine manuscript?

Have an idea for a concise anthology or collaborative work?

Have some beers you want to share?

Send ideas and beers to us at LongDayPress[at]gmail[dot]com.