Long Day Press is accepting submissions from September 1st – October 31st in the following categories:

Novella – Fiction – Up to 80,000 words

Chapbook – Fiction, Creative NonFiction, Hybrid collections – Up to 80,000 words

There is no submission fee (though we strongly encourage you to purchase one of our books so you are familiar with the type of work we publish). The work as a whole must have not been published before. We love translations, so send them our way as long as you have the author’s blessing. A standard, 12-point serif font and double-spacing is preferred.

Don’t feel constrained by form. If your submission is an album, or a film, or a series of billboards, send it our way.

Submit your manuscript via our submission form

We’re working on a new project for shorter works. Until then, check out our books and journals and connect with us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

For Long Day Press authors: 

  • A print run of the publication will be sold on our website, through affiliate bookstores, and will be nationally and internationally distributed by Ingram. An eBook version of the publication will be distributed by Ingram. 
  • Authors will have a nation-wide media campaign and Long Day Press will assist with tour booking. 
  • The writer receives a 10% royalty contract on physical editions, 50% royalties on digital editions, paid out annually, 10 copies of the book upon publication, and a 50% discount on additional author copies. Copies bought by or awarded to the writer do not count toward the number of copies sold.